▷ National TV Advert

A National TV campaign shown across CBN and Fox News.

▷ Enterprise & Headless WordPress

Discussing running a Enterprise WordPress Team within an agency and headless WordPress

▷ WordPress at Enterprise Scale

Exploring considerations and crucial actions to successfully running and delivering WordPress at Enterprise scale

▷ Transitioning a Large Agency to the Block Editor

Some of the challenges of transitioning to the block editor at scale

▷ Block Pattern Revolution

Learn how Block Patterns have revolutionised our approach to development and design.

▷ The Future of WordPress

Looking at the future of the WordPress and the impact of the block editor.

▷ Headless WordPress

Looking at the future of headless WordPress with WPEngine founder, Jason Cohen

▷ Using the Rest API

We look at how the Rest API is changing the way WordPress considers data relationships.

▷ When to Use the Rest API

The API liberates data outside of WordPress and is driving a new Enterprise Stack

▷ Building Partnerships, Not Projects – with WordPress

How we created a true partnership between Sage and the agency – creating trust and efficiency which benefited both sides.

▷ Using the API in Large (and small) Projects

The inner workings of an Enterprise level API project & the pressure of an immovable deadline - the Olympics!